Dry Eye Managment

content_Dry_Eye_Photo_4_Tears help your eyes to stay moist, healthy and comfortable. Dry Eye, or Dry Eye Syndrome, is an eye condition that affects the quantity and quality of tears, causing your eyes to feel dry and irritated.

Studies have shown that roughly 3 million women over the age of 50 suffer from dry eye, but it can affect men and women of any age. Often confused with allergies, dry eye frequently goes undiagnosed and can lead to long-term complications if untreated. Dry eye may also be a sign of other health or eye issues.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dry eye, but there are a variety of treatments that can help soothe its symptoms:

  • Appropriate artificial tear use.
  • Punctal occlusion.
  • Diagnosis and management of lid margin disease.
  • Prescription medications targeting inflammation.

Often the answer to dry eye treatment is multi-fold and Drs. Pelson, Richardson, Vidlak and Walters have a special interest in helping this underserved population. If you think you have dry eyes or have been using treatment with limited benefit, let us help.